Alliance stresses on dialogue under PM’s leadership

Kathmandu, Dec 1:

The Federal Inclusive Madhesi Alliance has suggested that the government should find out solution by holding talks after coordinating with all bodies concerned of Madhes agitation under the leadership of the Prime Minister.
At a programme organised by the Reporters’ Club here today, leaders of the Alliance stressed the need of holding dialogues with all by the government for the end the problems as radical seen in the state and agitation have created more problems.
Stating that solution of the problems surfaced in Madhes should be found out inside the country as it was the problem of the country, Chairman of the Rastriya Madhes Samajbadi Party, Sarat Singh Bhandari, expressed worry over increasing communalism due to the incident of using Chure Bhawar against Madhes agitation.
Similarly, Coordinator of the Tarai Madhes National Campaign, Jay Prakash Prasad Gupta, suggested to move ahead by holding discussion on remaining demands after addressing some demands, which can be fulfilled now, saying top leaders were not serious to resolve the problems.
Stating that agitation for the rights of Madhes has been taking place for the past two decades, Chairman of the Nepal Sadbhawana Party, Anil Kumar Jha, stressed the need of moving ahead by addressing the demands immediately in a scientific manner.
Likewise, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal (Republic) Chairman, Rak Kishor Yadav, said that they formed the alliance thinking it would make easy to make the Madhes-agitation result-oriented and state to resolve the problems.

मङ्ल, मंसिर १५, २०७२ मा प्रकाशित

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