what gun can raised again in Himalayan range ?

Most of the maoist cadders, who fought ten years from the 1996 to 2006 called peoples war are devided in formally Three partise . They are United Communist Party of Nepal Maoist ( UCPNM ) and next is Communist Party of Nepal Maoist (CPN-M). Like wise Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPNM) formed last year 2014 , Leading by Netra Bikram chanda Biplav . On the other hand small group from them too formed as party , Matrika Yadav, Mani Thapa who were Polite beauro members of major war holder party. They are campaining against supremo of peoples war Puspa kamal dahal (Prachanda) . They accused Prachanda decived people and caders and moved party to parliamentary exercise . They are convincing its needed to class struggle as peoples war again in new track. On the other hand small group of former Maoist Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) who were disqualified by UNMIN(United Nations Mission in Nepal ) and other Thousands of fighter who were not integrated in Nepal Army . Small group of them are too challenging to their former leaders . Padam kunwar among of them did assalt to Prachanda , at tea party . Devided partis Prachanda leading UCPN (Maoist) and Mohan Baidhya leading CPN-Maoist both are claiming that they can represent of revolution and people. Before the division of party , maoist were elected as Major party of constituent assembly in 2007. But during the period of four years assembly couldn’t make constitution. As a result Maoist are went down in third position.
Now Maoists are trying to go together against government but still they have many diferrences . Prachanda and Baidhya are trying to unite party but the integreation process are difficult . On the other hand cpn Maoist , leading by chanda is setting struggle against government and the slected people , they are calling broker and puppit . They flagged over the house belonging Radhes panta, executive director of Investment Board . They made issue him to sign upper Karnali hydropower agrement , Between Nepal and Indian company GMR . They belive this type of agrements are not in interest of Nepal . Like this many issues they are demanding government and parties to adress . They are capturing land again in many districts . Maoist are challanging that if the government and the parties would be not serious , they will step party for any type of struggle , which can be armed war also . So if maoist raised the weapon Himalayan range can be red again by firing . So be serious and make atmosfare for the agrement .

बिहि, चैत्र २६, २०७१ मा प्रकाशित

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